My Tragic Backstory. Warning: Graphic Content

Hello my donkeys, I’ve been extremely busy and I cannot reveal what had happened just yet!


“Mask” Photo by Jon Wallach 2013© CC BY-NC 2.0

Anyways, I’ve decided to share my backstory since you don’t know much about me. I guess I never really do any of these things since I’m too busy focusing on the present. Well, let’s start off with the simple facts. My mom, my dad, and me. My mom figured out after they had me, that my father was an ogre, and had a talent for disguising himself as a human for so long. He didn’t spare me the details of how he did it, but I took that over in order to be normal. I wasn’t normal up until 5th grade, when I shot up my classroom after taking so much bullying. I killed 17 children that day. I changed my name, practically erased myself from the world. Alan, my past name had gone away, and I turned into a girl, Alana. I had spent so many years on the design of the perfect girl; having a tight waist, average bust, round hips, and fair face. Asian, since it’s the most unexpected of them all. It was hard to manage when I was supposed to grow older, I guess I just never really aged significantly. I was on the hunt, I had been observing Justine, Kail, and Linhy individually up until they did the unexpected. They merged into one! It was high school, the best place ever. In 7th grade, I was presented with the sudden death of my father, he had hung himself and left a note saying that I was the reason why he killed himself. I was impacted greatly by this, my rage, mixed with guilt had brewed inside of me for a long time after that. He used to beat me, then drink, then beat me again, then drink, and drink, and drink. One day, he drank so much he didn’t know who I was. He called me an intruder and stabbed me in the leg. He then continued to beat me until I was bloody. But, I got past that. It was good that he killed himself, now I had all the time to myself. I could be myself. I was so ready for high school, I could bury myself in a book and no one will ever care. That’s what I thought. I made this blog, to vent my feelings of rage and hate into something where I could say it was fine. And it was. For a little while. During sophomore year, the second year of my blog, I fell in love with Tiffano, Pepe the frog. He was the most handsome, green creature I’d ever laid eyes on. It was love at first sight. The way he transformed, I put down my pen and pencil and stopped observing them for a while, struck in awe. They ran from me that year.

I continued to pursue Tiffano, but he only used that love against me and flirted with me as a distraction. I was broken. I flew back to earth with Justine that night, my heart shattered. They continued to hurt me with exposing my secret, I was Shrek. I don’t have one donkey, I have all of you. You’ve heard my story more than you’ve hear theirs… Who do you believe? Do you really think I’d do all those things to them. Going from a blogger to straight up murderer? Pshh… who do you think I am..?  They made all that up to hurt me.. for no reason! So who do you think is the innocent one? Me? Or those lying snakes that call themselves a family?

Well, that’s all my donkeys! Gotta fly!


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