It has been over a week.

Over a week since the incident. Over a week since Kail has stopped speaking to us, or at all. Ever since Kail’s family was kidnapped and brutally murdered by Alana, he has retreated into his own mind, not coming out. Ever. The last thing we see every day is Kail sitting as far off into the distance as is safe, staring off, a tiny head disrupting the sprawling horizon. The first thing we see each morning is Kail, still facing away, small, hunched figure blocking the rising sun.

I figure he must eat sometime, sleep sometime, or he would have been with his parents by now. But we never see it. All we see is his back, curved and defeated, sometimes wracked with sobs too far away to hear.

I wish I could do something. We all do. But we know Kail would simply reject us and push us away. Besides, its better to give him time to grieve. He lost his family, his whole life, and he rightfully blames Alana, but knowing Kail, a little of his head blames himself too. I know I would.

We all suffer and go through loss. It’s a part of life. And in those times, we all need a little time alone.


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