Maybe. Just maybe, I thought. Maybe I would fix this once and for all. I was selfish, a selfish prick who thought he was special. Here’s a recap…



Photo by LucyJClarke 2012© CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I left for my parents, my biological family. Alana had warned us before, about how she was becoming psycho rather than just some fangirl. A few days after she sent us that chilling Skype call and Linhy called the police, she sent us another one. Of my family. I could see the fear in their eyes as Alana held them hostage. I thought about it.

“We’re in this together,” said Linhy, the others also confirming. I felt myself trust that it would be okay. But I left alone that night.  I left for Lilac Valley, my old home. The small suburban town where we the only Asian family for miles. I took the car Alana had set up for “us”, well, I was the only one who used it. It was a long drive of anticipation and cold sweats, the nervous feelings building up inside me like a shaken soda can. My leg was constantly tapping, my heart was racing a million beat per minute, occasionally skipping since it was going to fast. The driver glanced at me every now and then in the mirror, his face smug. Oh God, did I ever feel like I needed my friends. They’ve always been right there, by my side, and I was right there next to theirs in their time of need.

“What will I do when I get there?” I thought frantically. “Will I break out some Jason Bourne or 007 moves and break out of there? Or will I just die with the rest of my family?”

It wasn’t like the first option, lemme tell you. I got there, a couple of henchmen grabbed me and put restraints around my wrists. Where did she even get these men? I still don’t know. They pushed me inside of my old home, the rest of the neighborhood was empty… And there they were, sitting captive on the couch next to each other, just like when I received the Skype call. Have they eaten? Are they okay? These thoughts were popping out of thin air, which contributed to all the more anxiety. She sat me down in front of them, they didn’t seem relieved to see me, more of worry. That made me even more nervous.

“Well, well, well,” Alana walked into the room, full school girl uniform. “If it isn’t the prestigious Kail.”

“Take off the disguise, everyone knows the ugly ogre that hides underneath those clothes,” I spat at her as she walks around my chair.

“It seems as if someone’s a little feisty today… Did someone hurt people you love? Oh wait… I did!” She cackled, a smile stretching from ear to ear, revealing her horrid teeth.

What happened after that… I don’t remember. It was almost like a flash of light, and I blacked out for the rest of the time, or she put me out. I woke up just recently, blood all over the floor, and the smell of it congesting my lungs. It smelled horrible. I was still in the chair, my arms untied, holding a hatchet of some sort. The hatchet was bloodied, and so were my hands. My heart began to race… What did I do? I looked up, my family had been mutilated, decapitated, chopped into pieces. Did I do this? I screamed, sobbed, burst into tears. I thought of killing myself, bringing the hatchet down on myself now. I looked around through the room through the constant flowing of tears, only to find a note written by her.

“You did not kill them, I did. I made it look like you did it. Make a blog post about your experience, or else I’ll give the police a big hint that you did it. After you make the blog post, tell everyone that I am innocent.”

Alana is not innocent. She is the one to blame for the murder of my family and many others. If there’s anyone who’s the real villain here, it’s her.


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