Evolution of Thought and Realizations

Human evolution

Before Alana disappeared, I was hell bent on finding her, exposing her, destroying her. We all were. It was impossible not to feel that way. She murdered our friends and had gotten away with it. There is nothing wrong with wanting justice, after all. That was before.

When we were chasing Alana, the search only fueled the flame. Of course, is that not always how it is? Finally taking action, finally following through and making sure that our threats were not empty. It’s enough to make anyone excited. That’s right, we were all excited. It was a twisted sort of excitement, the kind that would only be satisfied through the downfall of the target. That or it would be calmed by failure. When Kail brought the computer to me, I could smell the success. We were so, so close.

After the video, after I called the cops, I sat in my room for hours. I was disgusted. I wanted to throw up everything in my stomach after what I had seen. This person was a monster. No, we knew that already. What I had discovered was that she was sick. Her mind was past the point of return and nothing would make her turn from her hideous ways. That was what I thought after.

Now, after we have heard the news, after Alana is already gone without a trace, now I wonder if it is all worth it. Is it worth the prolonged pain and suffering? The grief and hardships? Is getting revenge all that important? Sure, we could call it “justice” but in essence, it is revenge. 

It’s really not worth the trouble. Alana is not worth the trouble. I may change my mind in the future, but for now, I say that Alana will get what she deserves, sooner or later. Whether it is here on Earth, or in the pits of hell. She will get what she deserves.


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