Never. NEVER believe what you hear.

At least not without seeing for yourself, with your own eyes.

I used to believe everything my mother told me. That everyone who was different was evil. That everyone who wasn’t smart was a heathen. That every single thing that did not conform to the standards of society was just trying to be special. Not anymore.

As a child, I read the newspapers. Well, only one. I thought everything they said was the fact, the whole story. I trusted all their reporters and writers and photographers. I trusted that one single paper told the entire truth. I don’t believe in that anymore either.

Kail and I were able to get onto this blog in order to offer a new perspective. To report on the story from another side. I cannot tell you that Alana’s story is a lie, although I know myself. I cannot tell you to believe my recount of things any more than Alana can tell you to believe hers. And I cannot tell you who is in the right.

We write what we see. We give you our version of the story, and each person has a different version. All we can do is offer the outlines and leave them. It is up to you to decide who to believe, who to trust. You can even put together your own version of the “truth.” Any way you think of it doesn’t matter to us. After all, we live through this life. You just read about it.


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