Haha! I’m back my donkeys

Haha! Hi my donkeys! I have some good gossip for you guys, and it’s an incredibly long story.


Photo by Chung Wing Yeung 2010© CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

As you know, last time I left off I was taking off for the moon… I believe so. Well, there’s a ton that happened within that span. After that, it was a rollercoaster of emotions, escapes, and sabotages! Whoo! This may seem a little crazy, but I actually found them… AGAIN! They were writing on this blog… I read all of the trending posts, somewhat exposing me, but it’s 2017, isn’t there a sexuality for ogre yet? OGRE LIVES MATTER! Anyways, yes, I sexually identify as a trans-human, I was born in the wrong body and gender, you feel? So, I have been doing a little bit of flying and I finally located that hot mess of a group of friends and they have totally taken me the wrong way! I just want to document their lives in a way that’ll make them as rich and famous as the Kardashians, a total fake group of people who don’t have to work a day in their life! But, they had taken me the wrong way… A crazy stalker who flies through people’s’ windows at night… But that’s not really me… You see, I was just looking for something to live for, my parents had abandoned me at a young age when they realized that my father was secretly part ogre and I had become a full ogre. My mother was disgusted and left us… My father was abusive and drank a lot, resulting in his untimely suicide. I was left alone, I had no other way to go. I was bullied by the other kids because I was green and they said I acted like a girl, always wanting to talk about other people the way that girls do. I was best friends with Kail during preschool, just a couple a queer boys that didn’t know anything. I met Linhy in 3rd grade, briefly asking what “abstemious” meant. I still didn’t understand what he said, something about temperance. Kail had ditched me, told me he couldn’t hang out with the gay boys anymore, and that he’d never be friends with a gay guy like me. There they all were, making fun of me because Kail led the group. It was right to document their sorry lives, because one day, they won’t have those anymore…

Back on track my donkeys! ANYWHOO, I had found their plane on the way the Thailand, there Kail was… holding hands with little Brad when it should’ve been me. I should’ve been on that plane if only he hadn’t been a little straight boy who’s scared of the world. Linhy… He’s been secretly mocking me my entire life, acting so smart as if he were better at grammar than I were at grammar. I was infuriated. All I did was knock out the pilot, a little pixie dust or something to the windshield and it popped right off, sucking the pilots out. Down Justine’s plane went, so quickly, too. I wish that it went slower. I wanted the hear their screams, so I went into the cabin where they all were. Kail’s eyes meet mine, and I feel a sudden wave of remorse. I can remember that feeling, I still don’t understand why I felt that way. I jumped off, and watched the plane go down in flames. I did it. I finally murdered those who haunted my childhood. Or so I thought.

I must continue this story for another time. Gotta run!


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