This may be the end.



As we continue this vigorous search of tracking down Alana, I can’t help but think that maybe this isn’t right. That maybe we should all return and go our different ways, forget about what’s happened. Move away, go back to our families. Maybe just allow Alana to kill every single one of us, one by one. How can we tell whether or not she’s watching me type this right now, we’ve moved hotels three times in the last 2 weeks, scraping dry my bank account that was meant for college. Using up Linhy’s saved money for the private university he was planning on going to, also. I see the light drain from our eyes everyday, the more we live, the less we enjoy being… alive.

We’ve gotten closer to her location, maybe if we stay in the same place for a long amount of time, she’ll just come to us. She’ll just come knocking on our doorstep with a bomb. She’ll plant it and press the button, killing other innocent people in the process.  It sounds like a lame James Bond movie, but it’s a possibility.

I don’t know what happened, we were so happy. Just a group of the oddest combination of people sitting in the cafeteria, sitting in the library, camping out on the moon, happy. It was… until… gosh.. I can’t even begin to describe the horrors of what I saw. The blood, the empty eyes staring back up at you sending a chilling whisper down your spine, as if their spirit, ghost, is right behind you, saying a last goodbye. It feels as if I lost something so dear to me, something that I loved with all my heart, multiplied by three other deaths. I was holding the hand of the dead, I already felt his hand turning cold by the time I woke up. Why didn’t I die? Why didn’t we all die? Why couldn’t I die?

A few days ago, I got an alert on my Skype. I immediately rushed to Tiffano’s and Linhy’s rooms to tell them once I knew who it was. We picked up the call, allowing her to share video. We didn’t turn on ours. My heart had dropped, it was racing faster than a car chase, a million horses. She said… we had 3 days to get back to Lilac Valley, where my old town was before we moved. There she showed my parents, my brother and sister, all held there. She giggled wickedly. It was either go back there, or she’ll put them on a plane, and see who lives the crash. She had arranged a car to drive me back. All we had to do was call a number she had given to us. I couldn’t process what was happening. It was as if it weren’t real, but this was real.

It was 5 am this morning when I left the hotel, checked out, and called the number. I’m writing this since we stopped for the night. I decided to leave Tiffano and Linhy and take this on my own, after all, this is my family. I’m sorry Tiffano, I’m sorry Linhy. I have nothing left to lose. This might be the end.


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