Goodbye Alana.


I honestly don’t know what I was expecting. You may have heard from Kail, but Alana caught up to us, and we really should have seen that coming. That girl is a monster. Literally.

Outside the window of our hideout, we could see Alana emerge from the new rocket ship with Justine. We reacted immediately, all running to the basement as Tiffano pulled a box of Cheez-Its from the cupboard.

In case it slipped your mind, Tiffano has a severe allergy to Cheez-Its, the only symptom being her transformation into Pepe the Frog.

He was able to distract Alana as I got everyone else into the ship.

We were in, and, leaving the door open, I began to start up the engine, preparing to get us out. Tiffano/Pepe made an honorable sacrifice and it was up to him to get back to the ship before we took off.

And out he came, right when we were about to lift off, he sprinted out the back door, full Pepe form. The second he jumped into the ship and we took off, Alana bursted through the back door of our hideout. Or, it was what I assumed was Alana. It was this huge ogre creature, something that looked like it came straight from a movie.

Looks like I need to catch up on sleep.


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