We Made It


God, being on the run is exhausting. The air here is so thin I can feel my brain cells dying, my IQ deteriorating. This must be where Justine spends her off time.

Tiffano landed the ship a couple hours ago and the two of us, along with Kail, Brandon, Brad and Alex are now taking refuge in the bunker. (Brandon, Brad and Alex are a few guys who had also been previously terrorized by Alana.)

At least I brought my reading material, I have to finish reading The Odyssey for my English class and I cannot fall behind. Hiding from a crazed blogger or not. Sitting in the kitchen of our bunker was a great place to get ahead so that I could deal with anything coming later. Unfortunately, five other guys in a room do not make for a great reading environment, especially for something as foreign to me as The Odyssey. That needs at least a little concentration, of which I would never be able to get if I had stayed in the kitchen.

Thankfully, a fully equipped bunker will always have multiple rooms. After a bit of exploring, I found one at the back at the bunker containing nothing but a single couch. Perfect.

So here I am, jotting down some notes before I settle down for reading. We have lost Alana, for now. I wonder how long it will be until we have to be on the move again.


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