They’re Coming.


Oh God no. We are on a freaking rocketship. How the hell are they following us? You know, Alana is probably still laughing her butt off at us, just waiting to get her hands on a story. At least she won’t have any material for the time being. Perhaps she will become bored and turn around. Or, even better, accidentally drive her ship into the darkness of space, never to be heard from again. I desperately hope for the latter, however, EVEN THE FORMER WOULD BE A GOD GIVEN GIFT. At the moment, Kail looks panicked. He is on the space couch, nervously glancing out the window, as if he can spot the other ship. I, myself, only know from the call that I got from Alana, featuring only a prolonged, cackling laugh. From that, I knew. I cut off the connection before she could say any more. I was horrified. When will we ever be able to escape the Wicked Witch?


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